Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Assembly report - Chapter Volunteer Awards

At each Assembly, Audubon California gives the Chapter Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service to exceptional individuals who have made an outstanding contribution towards the Audubon mission. On Sunday at the Assembly,  Audubon California gave the 2009 Chapter Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service to Steve Ferry of Santa Barbara Audubon, Nick Freeman of Los Angeles Audubon, Mike Prather of Eastern Sierra Audubon, Robin Winslow Smith of Sequoia Audubon, Tam Taafe of La Purisima Audubon, and Marilyn Waits of Redbud Audubon. The group is pictured above with Glenn Olson, Audubon California’s Executive Director.

Assembly report - Sierra Celebration

Everything we do at Audubon began with a love of birds. That’s how our movement began more than a century ago. And yet, when one gets caught up in the activity of conservation, protecting, and fighting, and responding to need, it can be easy to forget the love that brought you to this in the first place. Tonight’s program at the Audubon California Assembly featured a celebration of the Sierra Nevada hosted by educator/naturalist John Muir Laws, author of Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. What Jack Laws does better than most these days is share his enthusiasm for California’s great outdoors. And while his message tonight was all about our responsibility to steward our natural resources, he intertwined that with a call for us to connect at a personal level with nature. “What we have to do is a joyful act,” he said. While the Tresspassers played modern Sierra bluegrass music in front of projected photos by Galen Rowell, Rob Hirsch, Alison Sheehey, and a film by Larry Arbanas, Assembly attendees danced into the night. (photo by Alison Sheehey)

Assembly report - The Future of Conservation

Six youth programs from around the state gave presentations that kicked off the Assembly with hope for the future of conservation. Los Angeles Audubon brought some Eco-Warriors from Dorsey High in South Central who relaxed on the Asilomar grounds after their presentation.

Assembly Report - Birding Monterey Bay

Scott Huber of Altacal and the Board of Audubon California and his son Liam led a bird walk on Monday morning. Other field trips included birding at Carmel River, a pelagic in Monterey Bay led by Todd McGrath and Jon Feenstra, and trips to see Condor to Ventana.