Sunday, July 27, 2008

More bad news for raptors and chapters at Altamont wind farms

The mortality rate of raptors including Golden Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrel and Burrowing Owl increased 27 percent over two years in an ongoing monitoring study, according to an executive summary of the data issued by Alameda County's Scientific Review Committee. The five member panel advises the county on progress being made to mitigate bird deaths in the Altamont Pass windmill area as part of a settlement with Golden Gate Audubon, Ohlone Audubon, Marin Audubon, Mt. Diablo Audubon and Santa Clara Valley Audubon and others. The settlement included a commitment to reduce raptor mortality by 50% by 2009.

The new data estimate a total of 2,236 birds from the four targeted species were killed annually.

For details, quotes from Golden Gate's Executive Director Elizabeth Murdock in Oakland Tribune story of July 23, 2008 and executive summary of the study, click here.

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