Monday, December 6, 2010

5 Chapters win Collaborative Funding grants for 2011

Audubon California announced the winners of 2011 Collaborative Funding, emphasizing that two of the grant projects will create templates that can be shared throughout the Chapter network.

-San Diego Audubon $ 3,000 with matching funds of $ 18,500 from the San Diego Audubon Society and Patagonia to develop and implement a Wildlife Conservationist Training Program to create a base of new long-term wildlife advocates mentored by San Diego Audubon’s current conservationists, and to share the program with other chapters.

-Fresno Audubon $ 3,000 with matching funds of $500 and $12,000 in in-kind volunteer hours from the chapter for Advocating for the Conservation of the Environment (ACTE) program to enlist new, diverse youth in conservation of birds, and to provide and monitor nest boxes for Barn Owl and other species in the Central Valley.

-Plumas Audubon $ 2,297.95 with matching funds of $1,949.85 from Eagle Optics and $ 260 from chapter members for an education program that uses binoculars and field guides to learn about migratory birds in Important Bird Areas in Plumas County.

-Peregrine Audubon $ 2,500 to write the detailed curriculum on their successful education program FLIGHT SCHOOL to distribute to Audubon chapters throughout California.

-Eastern Sierra Audubon $ 2,000 with $ 8,000 in matching funds from Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Sorensens Resort, and the chapter to bring Jack Laws to classrooms in 10 schools the Eastern Sierra to engage youth in Sierra nature and birds.

Audubon California received proposals were received from 7 chapters requesting a total of $ 19,936 with matching funds of over $ 30,000, and we wish we could fund them all.

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